Plunger Type Meter Pumps

ACE Metering Dozing and Proportioning Pumps (ACE-PDPs) represent a combination of sound mechanical and hydraulic design and construction features conforming to API 675 Std. Specifications are in line with industries and consulting firms across the country. Powerful worm gear and responsive most accurate Micrometer type stroke setting facilitates convenient stroke adjustment while pump(s) is/are running or at stand-still. Quick response double-acting valves ensure extremely high volumetric efficiency and steady state accuracy with ideal Repeatability and Linearity of less than 1% of Rated Capacity over the operational range of stroke length. Each Pump-head discharge stroke adjustment and performance is independent of other Pump heads in a multiple head  configuration ACE-PDPs has a rugged User-friendly construction meant for total dependability and highest level performance for specified continuous or intermittent Service independent of Back Pressures. Thoroughly work-tested units with or without motor is supplied for Ready to connect to User Specifications   of Threaded or Flanged ends as per ANSI Standards.


ACE PDPs are Performance Proven, ideally suited to pump infinite numbers of pumpable fluids (newtonian / non newtonian ) upto about 100000 Cps with  discharges up to 5500 lph (per head), at  low, medium to highest pressures of up to 450 Bar and temperatures ranging from ambient to 90ºC in standard execution, and with adequate cooling or heating Jacketing, can go upto a temperature of 350ºC. Thousands of pump sets in simplex as well as multi-plex configurations up to Six Pump heads driven by a single Prime Mover have been supplied across the country.

Material of Constructions

  • Head: CS, All SS grades, Special Alloys, PP, PVC, PTFE
  • Check Valves: All SS grades, special Alloy, PTFE
  • Gearbox: Cast Iron

Optional Accessories

  • Coupling, Base Plate and Foundation bolt
  • Remote headed pumps
  • Drive motors in TEFC / flame proof enclosures
  • Gland flushing arrangement for abrasive liquids
  • Pressure Relief Valves in Stainless Steel
  • Jacketing of liquid end for heating
  • Suction Strainers in Stainless Steel cooling arrangement
  • Back Pressure Valves in Stainless Steel
  • Spare parts kit for 2 years normal operation
  • Pulsation Dampeners
  • Remote Stroke Control for flow adjustment

Design Features

  • Positive return
  • variable stroke mechanism.
  • Linear relationship between control setting and stroke length.
  • Capacity is continuously adjustable from minimum to maximum, both while pump is stopped or running.
  • Metering accuracy of ± I% of pump output at any single setting From 10% to 100% of capacity.
  • Multiplexing facility allows coupling of several pumps, driven by one common motor.
  • Flow of each pump can be independently set, or stopped, as required.
  • Drive side mechanism totally enclosed and running in oil bath.
  • Wetted end – Metallic, non-metallic coating / solid options capability. 
  • Pump performance in accordance with API 675.

Application of Areas

The main industrial application areas for Dosing pumps and Dosing Packages are designed and manufactured as per customer’s requirements –

  • Oil & Gas (Onshore & Offshore)
  • Petrochemical Industries
  • Power plants
  • Chemical Industries
  • Pulp & Paper Industries
  • Textile Industries
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Food & Beverages
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Ceramics & Steel
  • Sugar Industries