About Us

We engaged in design and manufacture of reliable, accurate & precise in performance, plunger and diaphragm pumps to suit specific needs

Chemical Dosing Pumps and Systems Supplier

METERINGPUMPINDIA is a leading supplier of Chemical Dosing Pumps and Systems in India. We have a wide range of products to cater your applications. Our product range includes Plunger and Diaphragm type Reciprocating Pumps, Peristaltic Pumps, Progressive Cavity Pumps,  Rotary Gear Pumps and Chemical Injection packages.

We have to our credit successful installation in majority of the core industries in India and abroad, our pumps have been supplied for handling variety of fluids viz, Acids, Alkalis, Radioactive fluids, Deionised Water, majority of Industrial Solvents, Additives, Liquid in Molten State, and Cryogenic Liquids to name a few.

Ever since its inception, METERINGPUMPINDIA has been a leading innovator in Chemical Dosing Pumps and Systems with a constant persistence to deliver better quality products every day. With a brilliant team of design engineers, METERINGPUMPINDIA has to its credentials some breakthrough technologies in Precision Dosing.

What we do for you

Leveraging our state of the art infrastructure, we design and develop technically advanced pumps for number of industries & commercial applications. 

Our products have found in all leading OEM’s, chemical manufacturers, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, water treatments, energy, power and all the major sectors to name a few.

The quality and the standard of the products are ensured by passing through strict quality control measures, according to the national and International standards and practices as well as those developed/acquire after gaining a wide installation experience. The costs of installations of these products are very low with minimum operation and low maintenance cost. These products are designed in such a way that they can meet the contemporary requirements of the customers along with timely execution of services.