Prestaltic Pumps

ACE Peristaltic Pumps are Heavy duty Rugged construction Pumps developed over a period of many years for accurate and dependable continuous pumping or dosing of limitless varieties of fluids from low to medium to highly viscous pure or contaminated mixtures of fluids containing pasty, abrasive or abrasive solids or gases.  Its construction represents most purposeful combination of mechanical and hydraulic elements including special reinforced rubber hose and special construction set of Casing and Rollers. This ideal combination ensures that Rollers create vacuum for suction and high-pressure section in the Hose for discharge in a way that pumping fluid moves forward in the Hoses continuously without any turbulence or any emulsification. Pumps are self-priming and have capabilities of dry run. Pumps can also run in reverse direction, which proves user friendly also in cleaning the hoses. No Valves No Stuffing Box- Sealing hence absolutely No contamination of Pumping media. Almost maintenance free with very easy hose replacement feature.

Application – Suitable for all types of liquid across industrial segments. Flow rate upto 13000 Iph @ 10 bar pressures. Have hose suitable for chemicals, food & beverages, petrochemicals, water treatment, etc.

Material of Construction:

  • Body: Cast Iron
  • Connection material : SS 316, PP, PVDF, PTFE
  • Hose material – NR, NBR, EPDM
  • Pumps are available in food grade also

Advantages of Peristaltic Pumps

  • Handle highly viscous & fluid with sold content. Can pass solids in the material being pumped, sized approximately 20% of the hose inner diameter (ID)
  • Dry-run capability that allows tank and line stripping
  • Seal-less design that eliminates leaks, contamination, and wear problems associated with difficult to seal products
  • Self-priming up to 9.80 meters
  • Reversible operation that allows pumping in both directions
  • Low maintenance requirements of the hose and shoes

Application of Areas

The main industrial application areas for Dosing pumps and Dosing Packages are designed and manufactured as per customer’s requirements –

  • Mining Industries
  • Paint and Ink Industries
  • Pulp & Paper Industries
  • Resin & Adhesive Industries
  • Food Industries
  • Pharmaceutical industries 
  • Sanitary Industries
  • Marine and Chemical Process